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Flash sale: 50% off today + free shipping
SimpleTouch Imprint Kit - Mommies Care.
SimpleTouch Imprint Kit - Mommies Care.
SimpleTouch Imprint Kit - Mommies Care.
SimpleTouch Imprint Kit - Mommies Care.

SimpleTouch Baby Imprint Kit

Mommies Care.

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  • The Perfect Imprint For Your Newborn - We can't stop your little angel from growing up but we can help you create a masterpiece of their adorable handprint and footprint to cherish for a lifetime.
  • Easily Create - Simply press your baby's hand or foot against the ink pad, and then on a clean sheet of paper. Voila - a detailed handprint or footprint!
  • Safety & Health - Clean-Touch Ink Pad ensuring baby's skin never touches the ink, 100% Baby Safe. with Included Two Clean-Touch Ink Pad to Create Perfect Baby Hand and Foot Prints.
  • Special  - Create a lasting memory of your baby's tiny print. Perfect for baby gift, baby shower or baby registry.

The SimpleTouch Imprint Kit allows you to capture the most precious memory of all in seconds, with absolutely no mess!

A Memory That Truly Lasts Forever!

Simply Press & Release For Highly Detailed Prints in Seconds

Non-Contact Ink Design Ensures Safety & Prevents Any Mess!

Saves You Hours of Struggling With The Messy, Old-Fashion Way


Whether you’re expecting your first or you’re no stranger to parenthood, our SimpleTouch Imprint Kit will ensure that these life-changing early months of parenthood are never forgotten.

Imprints are a simple way to preserve memories of these precious times in baby books, cards and framed wall art. Just one press reveals stunning detail and clarity! Our kits have strong ink absorbency with a no smear design that will create a precious lasting memory of your baby's tiny prints.

Ideal for 0-18 month olds


Package Includes:

- 1x Ink pad

- 2x Sheets of paper

- Size: 9.5X5.7cm / 3.7X2.2in


Nothing is more important than keeping your little one safe. That’s why our inkpads set the safety standard. Unlike other kits, these take your baby’s hand or foot imprint without the ink ever touching their skin! It’s totally non-toxic and baby safe, so you can focus on capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

Babies Grow Up So Fast. Don't Miss Out On Capturing This Precious Memory!


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